• 100% NATURAL DISH BRUSH: eplanita's eco dish brush handle and heads are made of bamboo and agave cactus fibres are used as bristles. These natural materials make our cleaning brush a sustainable and “zero waste” solution for your cleaning needs.
  • ECONOMICAL REPLACEABLE HEADS: eplanita's dish scrubber brush works with replaceable heads. No more throwing away a perfectly good cleaning brush just because its bristles have worn out. You get 2 additional heads in the box and once you have used them, you can purchase extra ones at a lower cost. Save money and extend the life of your dish brush.
  • CLEAN YOUR ENTIRE KITCHEN: The tampico fibres used as bristles have a perfect scrubbing quality. It helps to remove all dirt from your dishes and cookware without scratching them.
  • SOFTER & HARDER BRUSH HEADS: eplanita’s eco brush set comes with bristles or different strength for different uses. Use the softer, light coloured bristles for cups and washing dishes. Whereas, the tougher, dark coloured bristles could be used for more stubborn pots and pans.
  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS: The comfortable handle allows you to avoid your hand’s contact with hot water and cleaning liquids. No more risk for any bad skin reaction from unpleasant detergents.

Natural Dish Brush with 3 Replacement Heads

  • The box includes:

    1 x Bamboo brush handle with a brush head
    2 x Tampico brush heads (one soft and one hard)
    1 x Loofah sponge

    Material: Brush handle and heads are made with bamboo and bristles are made with natural Tampico fibre. The brush includes a small amount of stainless steel to allow for replacing heads.

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